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I'm only human
I'm only new to this earth
I'm struggling I'm hurting
I'm making mistakes in this life

my path is unclear 
beset by obstacles
I'm lost alone and afraid
I don't know where to turn

I have my cubs to rear
we are learning together 
I make mistakes
we all learn from them 

united together my cubs I 
we are strong and loving
apart we grow weak and suffer
our lives are forever entwined 

nothing is stronger then our bond
nothing is more then our birth story
no one can love them as deeply
our hearts beat together our bodies one

I was not taught to be a mother
I made my way own with them
my issues and choices have hurt 
I own that I own my fear I hurt too

we jumped in the river together
learning to swim finding our path
getting stronger we swam faster
one cub still on the bank

come with us we pleaded
we love u we cried
unsure her pain so large
my cub is lost in the woods

wanting us and fearful 
her cries so loud
my heart breaks 
the disance so wide

balky and angry she lashes out
refusing to swim losing her own way
I love u I love u I love u
is the message my heart flashes

I am strong in love
I am open armed and vulnerable
I am waiting for you to learn
I am waiting for you to swim with me my cub

I too am learning
learn with me
take the leap
I will catch you

Scarlette I love you and miss you we can do this together <3 

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    i am Sacheen Seitcham or Indigi Mama, traditional midwife serving the west coast of Vancouver Island


    April 2011



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