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good to know info when ur preggo!

Red Rasberry Leaf Tea helps to tone and get the uterus muscles ready for labor and delivery, i love this stuff and will be drinking alot of it from now on! the nice thing is you can make it into a iced tea too! this can be safely used thru out the pregnancy and is full of vitamins (calcium and vit C) you can also add rosehips for flavor or mint and is very healthy... 2-3 cups a day in the 3rd tri is good to get that uterus in shape! this also helps after birth to get the uterus back down to size quickly and with less bleeding! cuz you know we all want that!

Nettle Tea got tons of vitamins (Vitamins A, C, D and K, calcium, potassium, phosphorous, iron and sulphur are particularly abundant in nettles) helps relive leg cramps and vit k helps mama and baby after delivery. so good for your kidneys as well and i highly reccomend anyone with kidney issues to start asap! it also helps with milk production! 1-2 cups a day starting at 34-36 weeks altho it can be taken thruout the 3rd tri and is full of iron and will help with fatigue or feeling winded as well

Evening Primrose Oil i will be taking 2 500 mg caplets a day starting at about 34 weeks and then at 36 weeks will be also massaging the oil from two caplets into my cervix as well as the oral dose (i have scarring on my cervix :( which makes dilating a more longer and difficult process then it should be) if you are not comfortable with the cervix massage then you can double the oral dose... this helps soften the cervix and prepare it for labor and will facilitate dilating and make it an easier faster process...

Castor Oil to induce labor, this will give you bad cramps and diahrea and hopefully stimulate contractions. i have used it and worked all the times except for one so not bad! it worked for the majority of the women i have reccomended it to but not all so if you want baby out and are not bothered by the gross part then no harm in trying. the only downside is the diahrea makes you dehydrated so keep your fluids up while trying this! i make my own drink of lemons salt and sugar to drink during labor =) you can subsitute the sugar for honey. ok anyways on to taking it this is how i do it one full 4-5 oz bottle in a glass of orange juice with a egg beaten into it drank quickly after mixing (it seperates) its best do drink it all asap! DONT PUKE... then the waiting game... within 3 hours it should start if not take another dose, if nothing happens then give it a rest for a day or so and try again if you want! please take a nice hot bath or shower after.... you can also apply to stomach topically and cover with a hot cloth as well but not as effective...

To start labor Black and Blue Cohosh tincture or Labor Tincture for the B&B start in the morning dont eat then take 20 drops in a warm water every hour for about 5 hours eat a light meal and continue every hour for another 5 hours if nothing happens then stop and try again in another couple days. if you are in labor and your contractions are not effective or strong then take the tincture every hour for a few hours til contractions are strong and effective you should not need it anymore by then =) all labor tinctures come with thier own ingredients and instructions and you can google them =) if i cant get the stuff i used one time from my mywife (its made locally) then i will use the B&B if im desperate to try and get baby out lol

Rescue Remedy (i use it all the time) in labor, to help calm you, especially if you are experiencing panic and anxiety while in labor because of the pain. it is amazing i could not have lived without in my last labor and post partum i highly reccomend it to women who have panic and anxiety already or a history of post partum baby blues or depresssion. Pulsatilla or Windflowers OMG this saved me in my last labor and is so good please google for all the wonderful information you can get for it. it was in little tablets and i was panicing and crying and generally dithering around and my midwives gave it to me and OMG the change and the help i needed! Aconite tablets also work for this really well

Arnica is good post partum to help with bruising and faciltate healing it helps with muscle strain as well

there is tons more if anyone wants it let me know and i will help out as much as i can!

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