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written the day after his birth <3 

OMG i am so happy! i love my little son so much! 

so this is how it went down: 

i was having contactions on and off for what seems like ever LOL so i wasnt paying attention to any of them until i lost my mucous plug but even then they were so sporadic and far apart so i didnt really belive it. at this point i didnt even consider myself in labor. then my midwives came and checked me i was still in early labor and dilated to only 2 maybe 3. they decided to kick start it and gave me something herbal to boost contractions cause my cervix needed a kick start. after 2 doses my contractions came 2 - 3 minutes part and lasted for a minute at least each one. that was about 3. i got very emotional cause of all the hormones and cried for about an hour between contractions. not cause they hurt tho but more cause me and crow couldnt agree on a name for baby and other little things like that. 

she checked me at about 5 pm and i was 8 cent it seemed like any time i could push BUT the baby wasnt in the right position and everytime i had a contraction he squirmed around so frantically and it hurt me even worse. i was stalled out at 9 cent for 2 hours with a swollen cervix. they put me in the tub to try and relax me cause at this point i wasnt allowed to push cause it would damage my cervix even more and make it longer. i was so out of it at this point, i was exhausted and the contrax were a min apart. they gave me some stuff to try to help the cervix melt away and to quell my anxiety. then i felt him him get into the right position! YES FINALLY! 

it took me a contraction to get out of the tub and one in the hallway and i was like THIS BABY IS COMING NOW! everyone got so excited! we got into my room and i got into the bed and had a massive contraction that broke my water. with the next one i pushed and his head came out, my daughter scarlette helped to deliver his head! she was so proud and i was too! guess what came out with his head and was the cause of the swollen cervix? HIS HAND! he came out hand first LOL. with one more push he came out i only had to push twice! he came out in a huge gush of fluid. and was so perfect and big! i was so amazed and so was everyone else! he was so huge! his hands his feet. his little rolls of fat on his neck and arms! everyone was laughing and crying and hugging! it felt so good! i couldnt belive i did it and that he was finally out! he is so brown and looks like chico! oh i love him so much! his placenta and umbilical cord were perfect the midwives say they never seen a more beautiful one. it was tho LOL, we all looked and it looked like a tree with a perfect spiral cord, it was thick too. they weighed him and he was 9 pds 4 oz! born at 7:35 i was like OMG! we all were laughing! 

so roll call for the birth: Mommy, Daddy, my Mom, Crows Mom, my Uncle, my Aunt, my Cousin, my Friend, my neice and our 2 olders boys the 2 older girls and chico. plus the midwives it was a perfect birth for a perfect baby. Zoe is a wonderful midiwfe and my only regret is that i dont have a pic of her. 

Coda Jameson Crow Seitcham 

so i am sore! but happy! tired but content. the kids are very happy and chico well he is chico LOL i got to eat chinese food after he was born! my uncle ordered for me i pigged out and hopped into bed and loved up my son and my crow (who was sick btw all day and didnt say anything cause he was worried about me) so guess who decided to be awake every hour LOL he nurses like a pro and wont get off! we think he is trying to get to 10 pds by the end of the week! i gave him a soother my nips were damned sore!

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